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Ten Bosch Real Estate and Residency by Investment Consultancy are based in the well-known luxurious town of Marbella, located in the province of Andalusia. (South of Spain / Southwest of Europe)

Andalusia is synonymous with quality of life. This province in southern Spain is known for its famous tapas, extraordinary art, amazing nature, diverse culture and rich history.

Social working conditions make Andalusians the happiest people in Europe according to the prestigious British newspaper The Telegraph, which considers Andalusia to be "the best place to live in the world". "ahead of Paris (France), Parma (Italy) or even the Caribbean! 

The good climate, the gastronomy, the warm-hearted people, the culture and the historical heritage are some of the wonders that make Andalusia special as a destination that attracts more than 25 million visitors every year.

For these reasons, Spain is one of the most desirable destinations in the world and is a very good and safe location for investors. 


For investors who want to stay in this vibrant country, the Spanish Residence by Investment is the most efficient way to acquire this status.


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