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Reasons why investing in Spain is a good choice:

1. Safety and Security
Spain is a member of the European Union and a member of NATO. Spain also has a good and growing economy and a stable political democratic system.

You can travel through Europe without an additional visa without any problems.

2. Strong rental market and sales market:
With a growing demand for tourism rental, in particular the Costa del Sol offers an opportunity for investors to generate an all year round rental income. 


3. Rising real estate prices:
The economy of the Costa del Sol is growing, this has resulted in an increase in employment and property values.

4. High Quality of Life:
The region has a high standard of living, with a diverse range of activities, amenities and services, such as international schools, private hospitals,  golf courses and exclusive wellness facilities.

5. Strategic Location:
As Malaga airport is only a short flight from major European cities, it is easily accessible for those seeking real estate for holiday or rental purposes and business.


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